Spay / Neuter Programs
  We want to help with responisble pet ownership by offering two programs that assist financially with spay/neuter. 
  Both programs involve completing an application that includes tax information.  Payment for the procedure should accompany the completed application using a money order or cashiers check.  There is an additional charge of $15 for animals over 100 pounds.
  The pet must be current on all vaccintations but if not, we offer a special price from our local vets that includes all shots for $25, due when the pet is dropped off for the procedure. 
  The cost for families with incomes less than $30k/yr is only $35 and the cost for families with incomes greater than $30k/yr but less than $70k/yr is $75.
        Program based on fund availabilty.
This program is financed completely by donations.
"It feels great to do the right thing and spay/neuter"
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